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Celebrities : Amanda Peet : Biography
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Here's something much more interesting than her bio. Read two interviews with Amanda from Body Shots magazine and In Style magazine. Thanks goes to Theo who submitted these two great interviews.

Body Shots Interview

Q: Have all these fictional explorations helped make your relationships work in real life?

A: I have no answers. Am I supposed to say that? This is my first movie junket. My publicist is freaking out. I don't know. But I am madly in love with someone. I've always been a serial monogamist.

Q: What's his name?

A: Brian Van Holt

Q: Interesting. Brian replaced Dash Mihok on CBS's For Love or Money, and you replaced Amelia Heinle, who played your role in the Jack & Jill pilot. You guys must be on to something. Was it awkward joining the cast late?

A: It was fine. They were all great and really sweet about it. We're on our fifth episode now, so it's over.

Q: Why was the part recast?

A: I don't know. Are you looking for some dirty drama? Because I ain't gonna do it, I tell you!

Q: Damn an actress with integrity! Okay, moving on...Is series television work harder than making a movie?

A: That's such a hard question. The thing about TV is the marathon aspect of it. It's never ending, so the hours are really hard, and it's all about pacing yourself and not trying to hit it out of the ballpark every time - fight for every line, every hairdo, whatever. It's insulated; it's like an insulated little story, so you can kind of design exactly what you want to do in that little frame.

Q: Everybody seems to agree you're on the verge of tremendous stardom. Do you get recognized on the street yet?

A: Every now and then, but it's usually a mistake. I have to say, "I'm not Denise Richards!" We'll see.


In Style Interview

Q: What's your makeup philosophy?

A: Less is more; most women look more beautiful in their natural state. My grandmother used to wear so much makeup that there was a line at her chin. If you're going to wear foundation, make sure it's rubbed everywhere.

Q: What do you carry in your makeup bag?

A: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. MAC Studio powder in C2. Make Up For Ever No. 2 black eye pencil - that's awesome. Kiehl's lip balm. A silver eye shadow by Guerlain called Lilas No. 30. Stila eye shadows in Kitten and Bouquet, and an eyebrow brush by Philosophy.

Q: So, what do you use every day?

Lip gloss, Origins Pinch Your Cheeks or Face Stockholm Strawberry blush, and Make Up Forever pan stick under my eyes. On weekends I try not to wear any makeup.

Q: What about when you go out?

A: Originas Original Skin Base, which gives really light coverage. Nars Multiple highlighter stick in Copacabana, which you can put anywhere. I use it at the inner corner of my eyes to open them up. Also, Stila Kitten and Bouquet eye shadow, and mascara.

Q: Do you like to shop for beauty products?

A: Yes - I'm a menace in a drugstore. I'll open the shampoos and smell them. I usually get bubble bath, anything with lavender in it. I'm obsessed with lavender.

Q: And clothes shopping?

A: I admit it's one of my vices. The irony is that I usually just put on the same pair of cords with the same little ripped-up tank top. I spend money on nice clothes and never wear them. But they look nice in my closet.

Q: What's your favorite piece of clothing?

A: It's a tie between what a call a shmatte - a floral dress that's not really tight - and overalls.

Q: Any food weaknesses?

A: I've been obsessed with Blow Pops lately on set, but cheese is my biggest weakness. If I had to give up cheese or chocolate, I'd give up chocolate in a heartbeat. Cheese is my favorite thing in the whole world.

Q: Other than that, do you watch what you eat?

A: I take everything in moderation. The whole no-carbohydrate thing is a little bit dramatic. I'm really into cooking right now, which is probably healthy.

Q: You have beautiful skin - -what's your routine?

A: I use Epicuren Discovery facial cleanser, Epicuren Discovery Evening Emulsion, and Bioelements Equalizer as a toner. In the morning, Decelor Alpha Morning with SPF 12. It brightens the complexion. I use St. Ives Apricot scrub once a week. I try to get regular monthly facials at Burke Williams. I think the key to good skin is drinking lots of water and not getting too stressed. I'm really terrible about both of these. I hate water - I'd much rather drink Coca-Cola.

Q: Do you have a secret weapon for maintaining your skin?

A: Eight Hour cream by Elizabeth Arden. I put it on anything that's horribly dry. I use it on my lips and my cuticles. It's literally magic. My mom wore it when I was little, so the way it smells also has sentimental value.

Q: Any beauty obsessions you're willing to admit to?

A: I do my eyebrows myself, like, five times a day, which is probably a big mistake. I brush them, because I have huge, old-man spidery brows. I use Origins Brow Fix. Sometimes when I don't have my Origins stuff, I dab hair spray on my brows.

Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet

- Actress
Date of Birth
- 11 January 1972
Birth Place
New York, New York, USA

Mailing Address
Amanda Peet
c/o Jack and Jill 
c/o The Warner Brothers Television Network 
4000 Warner Blvd. 
Burbank, CA 91522
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