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Celebrities : Anastacia Newkirk : Biography
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Anastacia Newkirk biography

A biography by Patricia L. Martin

Anastacia Newkirk was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 17, 1973, the middle child (she has a sister Shawna, and a brother, Brian) of theatre actress Diane Hurley, and club singer Robert Newkirk.
Naturally (practically genetically), Anastacia developed a love and respect for performing early on in her life. Her maternal grandmother even nicknamed her "Stage" when she was a little girl, because she already had such star quality. 

At the age of 14, when her parents divorced, Anastacia moved to New York, New York to be raised by her mother, and began studying at the Professional Children's School in Manhattan. She says that every student there seemed to be in show business already but her; indeed, as among her classmates were actors Christian Slater, and the late River Phoenix. 

As she grew older, Anastacia channeled her creativity into dance, and began frequenting local clubs with Shawna. In the late 1980s, and early 90s, she was a regular on Club MTV, a television show kind of like American Bandstand. She even worked as a dancer for rap group Salt N' Pepa, and appeared in two of their videos: "Get Up Everybody, Get Up" and "Twist and Shout"

Anastacia knew she wanted to perform and reach people, but as she puts it, "it just took a while before I got the fever to actually sing." Once she did, however, it was a fire that just wouldn't cool down. 

She had ups and downs struggling to be discovered (I know how that is, I am a singer also), and worked several jobs to make it through; including a gig as a wedding singer. 

Everyone Anastacia met -- producers, managers, and the like -- all wanted her to conform to their idea of who she should be. "I've worked with people who tried to get me to sing like Celine Dion or LeAnn Rimes," she says, "but it didn't sound right -- it was like taking away my character."

No one really "got" who Anastacia was, what she stood for, and how natural that amazing talent was...that is, until Lisa Braude' came along. Braude', Anastacia's current manager, executive producer, close friend, and all-around neccessary person, knew she had potential and wouldn't allow her to give up. "Just give me six months," Braude' told her... and within those six months, Anastacia was on MTV, performing on The Cut, a Star Search-type show which aired in 1998. 

Among the judges on the program were legendary producer David Foster, and fellow diva Faith Evans. Everyone was blown away by Anastacia's performances of "Not That Kind," the song she penned about being herself, almost a theme song. Anastacia was then deluged with phone calls as a record label bidding war began with the force of a tornado! Even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, personally called her at home to tell her how great she was, and negotiate possibly getting her signed to his lable, MJJ Records. Anastacia eventually settled with Epic/Daylight (Epic being MJJ's parent company anyway). 

Now, she is an international smash, and practically a household name in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe and Asia. Her debut album, "Not That Kind" will be released in the United States in 2001, because pressure from the overseas markets forced the album to be sold there first. In other words, they wanted Anastacia, and they wanted her NOW!

For more info on her music albums visit Anastacia's discography section.

Anastacia Newkirk
Anastacia Newkirk

- Singer
Date of Birth
- 17 September 1973
Birth Place
- Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mailing Address
Anastacia Newkirk
c/o Epic Records 
1810 Century Park West 
Los Angeles, CA 90026
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