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Celebrities : Chyna : Biography
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Chyna biography

Chyna was born  on December 27th 1970. Her real name is Joanie Laurer. Her parents, Joe and Tina, divorced when she was young. Her father was an  alcoholic and her mother (Chyna said) had a new guy every year. In an interview she said that  weight lifting was her way out from that situation. She was basically raised by her sister Kathy. Chyna's first boyfriend and weight-trainer was Gerry Blais.

Before she become a professional wrestler she worked as a belly dancer, pager salesperson, and she even had a band. In thoose early days she traveled all over the world.

One night Chyna was watching TV with her sister Kathy and saw a WWF fight. She decided to try it. Her first destination was "Killer" Kowalski's Wrestling School were she graduated as one of the best and do I have to mention that she was the only girl there. After graduation she met Triple H and Shawn Michaels who helped her start her WWF career. She decided to call herself Chyna and the fans gave her a new nickname - The Ninth Wonder of the World.

She was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring tournament and she was a first women which hold a men's title in he WWF by defeating Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental title in 1999.

And one more interesting fact. She can bench-press up to 325lbs. WOW !

Birth name: Joanie Laurer

- WWF superstar
Date of Birth
- 27 December 1970
Birth Place
Rochester, New York, USA

Mailing Address
Chyna, c/o WWF 
Titan Tower 
1241 East Main Street 
P.O. Box 3857 
Stamford, CT 06902, USA
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