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Heidi Klum, HEIDI KLUM, Heidi, Klum

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An Idea From Boredom

Everything started with a boring afternoon in the winter of 1991. Heidi Klum flipped through the pages of a magazine with a friend. A coupon caught the girls' eyes: Who filled out it, to the competition "Model '92". The magazine "Petra" organized it with a New Yorker Model agency, in the RTL Show with moderator Thomas Gottschalk. Heidi Klum, pressed at that time with school, was 18 years old. She lived with the family in Bergisch Gladbach, a "small" large city within Cologne. A Model competition? No. The reasonable Heidi scrolled. But the friend had visions of Heidi on the television as a Model candidate. She coaxed Heidi. Their resistance melted. The coupon lured. Why not try why the luck? Heidi Klum sent the coupon. With some photos.

The Most Beautiful One of the Beautiful Ones

The Model dream: Over 25,000 girls dreamed it. Girls such as Heidi Klum. It was hard work for the organizers because they had to handsort the competition. Thirty to fourty applicants traveled inside Munich in hopes to be one of the three to be on camera during the Saturday Show of Gottschalk. Who is Model of the evening? The TV public decided. Week for week. Heidi had made it in and it was time for the exciting final elimination. Heidi Klum pleased the citizens at the television screen just like the specialists of the model industry. Heidi Klum was promoted to the model the week, model of the month and finally to the most beautiful one of the beautiful ones: The 18 year old won the competition "Model '92".

The Gain Lures

The victory astonished everyone and above all the long haired Heidi Klum. The title changed her life: a Model contract with the New Yorker Top agency "Metropolitan". It ran over three years and guaranteed minimum earnings/services of $300,000, at that time approximately 500,000 Marks. Heidi's private precaution for the entrance into the occupation of dream: a lawyer, a world-wide insurance policy and a telephone always at hand as hot wire to parents. The work lured immediately - already before the Abitur: Job in Miami. Heidi Klum was lucky, but she remained reasonable. "First I finish my Abi", she decided and called off the job.

The Hard Start

When Heidi Klum began Hamburg metropolitan agency "network", no photographer knew her name or face. A Model school had never visited young girls. It was never appropriate to learn about being a supermodel. Their foreign exchange: "Everyone should be own type to be. " The work started tough. Heidi Klum practiced with the photographers to handle the flash. Casting followed Casting. Patience was required. The newcomer left her card everywhere which read: Heidi Klum, 1,76m largely, mass 89-65-92, green-brown eyes, light brown hair. (5'8", 35-26-36)

Career Like Lightning

The people of the petrol catalog were the first to hire her. Heidi Klumworked a lot for them. From Hamburg she went to Paris and Milan. Then the work came over seas. First to Miami, then to New York where the market its hardest.

The Thousand Faces of the Heidi Klum

New York Miami, Tokyo, London, Paris: Heidi Klum is everywhere before the camera. In the meantime for the world largest Model agency "elite". The school girl from once changed herself to the international Model. Heidi Klums face recruits cosmetics and telephones, for bride clothes and new age. She is seen in TV advertisements, video tie-clips and magazines. (ever more frequently on the cover page.) The face of the beautiful girl was changeable. Sometimes it was cool, lazy, romantic or fragile. Then again self-confidently, sexy or erotic. Time for Castings? The young woman declines. No time. The others hunt for a job. The German in America is usually written off. Heidi Klum does not assume everything. Naked photos are for her taboo. In addition, she rejects excessive jobs. Her versatility is holy.

Light and Shadow

The two-room dwelling in New York is cosy. It is situated in the middle in Manhattan. For security the the apartment provides a guard at the entrance, but Heidi Klum is rarely at home. She lives from the suit-case, oscillating between hotels. "I hate to fly", says the top model at the airport. The joy in the occupation diminishes only a little. Heidi Klum models with body and soul, she wants nothing different. The world the mode, humans and places fascinate it. Expensive hotels, private jets, rose bundles and invitations with hit stars or actors belong to the everyday life. Nevertheless, Heidi Klum created it not to expire to these temptations of the allegedly large world.

Beauty without Cult

"Beauty comes from the inside." Heidi Klum is convinced. Do not cheat for Teint and radiant emittance has the Model ready. Heidi pays attention to nutrition - like many. She smokes rarely and makes nothing from alcohol. Instead she drinks three litres water without carbonic acid daily. (It is good for the skin) For Heidi Klum sleep is holy, otherwise she is not fit. "and then I also don't look good."

The Personal Flair

Heidi Klum's face belongs to many. She is made up daily, combed, fitted out and sprayed with smells. Today these products, tomorrow those. On vacation, she doesn't wash her hair each day, wears casual clothing and does without makeup. Vacation of the Model is everyday life. Heidi Klum tries various perfumes. Some do not please her. With perfume she is always wondering: Which smell fits me, is thus "mine"? From the question an idea developed: to create a personal perfume. The result carries the name of its inventor: "Heidi Klum"

The Recent Smell

Heidi Klum inspired an expert cologne manufacturer with her idea. Heidi Klum made suggestions and then tested, rejected, and praised. She created a company in her hometown Bergisch Gladbach, co-developed the product logo herself and used her name as the label. Finally the creation was finished: "Heidi Klum" - an Eau de Toilette. A recent smell that the naturalness of its sect does not underline too soft and not too heavy. It freshly and distinctively works. It comes along only finely, increases with intensity and remains for a long time. Suitably of the world the model: A filmroll deserved the shape of the bottle of the Eau de Toilette.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

- Supermodel, Actress
Date of Birth
1 June 1973
Birth Place
Bergische Gladbach, Germany

Mailing Address
c/o IMG
304 Park Avenue S.
Penthouse North
New York, NY 10010
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