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Kylie Minogue biography

Live Chat with Kylie Minogue from BBC Online

Question from Tom: Are you planning any touring to promote the new album?

Kylie Minogue: YES! I'm currently looking at possibility of touring in March/April next year.

Question from Lisa: Who is your greatest influence on your style?

Kylie Minogue: I couldn't choose one who's influenced me most. I take inspiration from fashion, films, music and friends. I think I'm a lot more knowing of my style than I have ever been before. It comes with age & maturity. That's not to say I won't be making any mistakes in the future. Sometimes I'm very much into fashion and other times, I wouldn't have a clue what's going on.

Question from Theo Hendriks: Kylie what about a DVD, with all your video-clips old and new, after your album release. That would be very, very nice?

Kylie Minogue: Are you sure you can handle it???? ....maybe.

Question from Alex Mullen: Hi Kylie, are there any plans for a Christmas single this year?

Kylie Minogue: Not for a Xmas single. Not aiming for No.1 during Xmas week but I'd probably have one out around December.

Question from Ant, Gary and Pete: We just wanted to say thanks for all the great records, and that we think we've kept you in hot pants by buying all your releases!

Kylie Minogue: Thank you very much. Luckily for you my hotpants only cost 50p!

Question from Carmen P: What do you like most...fame or fortune? Why?

Kylie Minogue: Very good question. I couldn't really give you a brief answer on that. The notion of fame is one that I'm constantly grappling with. But even the times when I don't quite understand it I still feel that this is what I'm meant to do.

Question from Richard Legge: During your pop career, your image has changed frequently, is this a conscious decision?

Kylie Minogue: Too a degree it's a conscious decision. It's more a simple case of evolving. I think people sometimes forget they came to know me when I was 17 or 18 yrs old. It's perfectly normal to go through so many changes. Most of the images that I have - videos, photoshoots, tv appearances are not particularly pre-meditated. I work better with spontaneity.

Question from David Lee: What's it like to be an icon?

Kylie Minogue: That's always a question that I find difficult to answer. I guess the easiest thing to say is that I'm very flattered and humbled. What I like about it is that it's happened very naturally. But believe me - it's not like that first thing in the morning when I shuffle to the kitchen to make my coffee.

Question from Claire Wood: Do you have any more plans for acting?

Kylie Minogue: Nothing definite. But I do intend to go back to that craft and more or less start from the beginning. I need to dedicate myself to acting for a while to get back into it.

Question from KylieKat Scott: What do you keep in your handbag?

Kylie Minogue: As much junk as any other girl. But usually a wallet, phones, lipgloss.

Question from Jane: Good luck with your album! - Why is it called 'LightYears'?

Kylie Minogue: Because that's one of the tracks in the album. And of all the titles - it seemed to be the most appropriate and it's one of my favourite tracks in the album. I like the image that name conjures up.

Question from Jo: Are you watching Big Brother? If so, who do you want to win?

Kylie Minogue: I won't say anybody! But I will admit I have voted twice.

Question from Andrew Lloyd: What are you enjoying most about your career now compared to the earlier years?

Kylie Minogue: One of the things I enjoy most is the relationship I have with my audience. We have been together so many years now. That I feel there's an understanding between us. It's quite bizarre doing the same things I did long ago- with the experience I have gained since then.

Question from John-Menzies-Smith: Were you clever in school and did you do your homework?

Kylie Minogue: I think I did my homework. I was acting when I was 16 so I was trying to combine school and work. I became less enthralled with the classroom and preferred to study on set with the tutor. As most people find, now that I'm older the thought of being back at school is more appealing.

Question from Chris: What has been the most enjoyable video you have ever made and why?

Kylie Minogue: I love making videos. Nut there's always something in a video that means that you are uncomfortable - too hot, too cold, high heels (even though I am a high heeled stunt woman). But there's been many that I've enjoyed, mainly 'Where The Wild Roses Grow', 'Did It Again', 'Spinning Around'.

Question from Mork Smiley: Do you like to surf the internet?

Kylie Minogue: Yes I find the internet to be useful and fun. But with my schedule and life the way it is at the moment. There's not much time for surfing. I'm constantly amazed and impressed by my fans' website.

BBC Host: That's it! Kylie has to go now. Thanks very much for chatting with us, Kylie. And thanks to all of you for your questions. Anything to add, Kylie?

Kylie Minogue: Thank you everyone for joining me for a chat. You're enthusiasm and support has meant the world to me And I just want to say thanks for allowing me to be here today. And hopefully I'll see you next year on tour. Bye Bye!!!

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Kylie Minogue
Kylie Ann Minogue

- Singer, Actress
Date of Birth
- 28 May 1968
Birth Place
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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