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Celebrities : Nicole Kidman : Biography
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Nicole Kidman was born on June 20th 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Her father, Anthony Kidman, is author and assistant professor for psychology and biochemistry, famous in his own right for work done with breast cancer patients. Her mother, Janelle Kidman, is a nurse and a nursery-school teacher. The redhead is a member of one of Australia's famous families. Her grandfather, Sir Sydney Kidman, was a big landowner and one of the continent's biggest stockbreeder. 

She began with ballet at the age of three. With eight she found her passion for acting. With ten she persuaded her parents to join an acting school. In Australia she made her film-debut at the age of fourteen, being already 5'9''. She got more experiences by the St. Martins youth-theatre in Melbourne, by the Australian theatre for youth in Sydney and by the Philip Street theatre. There were two films following, showing her as a bandleader: "BMX Bandits" and "Windrider", and the Disney Channel TV-series "Five Mile Creek", where she played a shepherd. She became an overnight-star with the (Kennedy Miller) min-series "Vietnam". She became "actress of the year" and got a few awards for her role. Then she got her breakthrough by playing Rae Ingrim in the three-men-thriller "Dead Calm" 1989, at the side of her Australian colleges Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park") and Billy Zane ("The Phantom"), who again showed his ability of playing the bad guy in "Titanic". Both actors also got their breakthrough, together with director Phillip Noyce. 

In Hollywood an actor named Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, also named "Tom Cruise", finally became a star after "Top Gun". At this time he was planning his newest film, one about stock car racing. He still searched for a leading girl and - after seeing "Dead Calm" - was sure he found it. But all went an other way: "I went to Hollywood because of my career, but instead I found the love of my life" (Nicole Kidman). She likes talking about their first date: Both were seating side by side in a cinema. But she didn't saw much of the film, because her looks were fixed on his muscles, being seen through the T-shirt. In interviews Tom Cruise is used to say: "My first reaction to Nic was pure lechery." 

"Days of Thunder" became a good film, but it never reached "Top Gun". But that wasn't that important. On December 24th 1990 Tom married his angel in Telluride, Colorado. But looking at her career, it wasn't that good: "Professionally it [the marriage with Tom] really harmed me. There were times when I was only identified with my husband. All I tried, I was still Mrs. Tom Cruise." 1991 brought her a little ray of hope. Tom Cruise, since "Rain Man" 1988 being a close friend to Dustin Hoffman, got her the role of a moll in "Billy Bathgate", at the side of Dustin Hoffman and Bruce Willis. Hoffman praised her after the shooting: "Nicole has the ability of becoming a big star". After playing the object of desire she finally got a character part, with her husband in "Far And Away" and specially with ex-Batman Michael Keaton in "My Life". 

Now several stars began filming with her. She played together with Bill Pullman ("Independence Day") and Kim Basinger's husband Alec Baldwin ("The Getaway", "The Hunt for Red October") in "Malice", playing for the first time a bad part. This year also got her changes in her family part: The couple adopted a daughter, Isabella Jane, and Nicole found her being a mother. Her role in "Batman Forever" pressed ahead her career, reaching the climax with her playing in "To Die For". The critics praised her, although a few critics claimed, while playing the career-striving Suzanne Stone Maretto she just played herself. Now she has become a character-actress and got a Golden Globe for the best actress 1996. But the Oscar-nomination failed to come. It's told that this got her the largest rage of her life. 

In this year the couple adopted a son, named Connor. But the raising loading didn't put them off acting. "When I'm acting, Tom's looking for the children. That's what the media likes most." This must be the reality, because the US magazine "People" chose her as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. The character part in "To Die For" got her the next, the role of Isabel Archer in Jane Campion's "The Portrait of a Lady", where she had to wear a corset taking her waist down to 19''. Therefore she had to spent two weeks in bed after the filming. Officially it was diagnosed as suffering from "emotional stress". 

Now she was a star. The papers wrote that, if it's going on that way, Tom Cruise will be only called "Mr. Nicole Kidman". There were also pictures going around showing that it's she who has the pants on. There Scientology-connection was as discussed as questions for their private life. "We don't feel comfortable discussing what we do in bed at midnight - even though it is pretty damn good." While going shopping together with Tom and George Clooney while shooting the thriller "The Peacemaker" Clooney was called by the people their bodyguard. 

Her latest project was erotic-thriller "Eyes Wide Shut" where she played third time at the side of her husband.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Date of Birth
- 20 June 1967
Birth Place
- Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Mailing Addresses
c/o CAA
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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Nicole Kidman
253 26th Street
Suite 262
Santa Monica, CA 90402
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