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Reese Witherspoon celebrities, Reese, Witherspoon

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Celebrities : Reese Witherspoon : Biography
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Reese Witherspoon biography

Read this great interview with Reese Witherspoon. Thanks goes to Mandy who e-mailed it to us.

Did you ever keep a diary when you were younger?

Yes, I used to keep diaries when I was really little and today I'm really glad I have them cause they're madly sweet and sort of remind me of my childhood.

What was high school like for you?

I went to an all-girls school so I think I had a relatively tame high school experience. There wasn't all that competition for male attention, the competitiveness over relationships.

Did it feel awkward working with Ryan?

It was actually a great experience. We'd wanted to work together for a long time and this opportunity arose, I thought it would be a good thing for us because we'd always respected one another's work. We're kind of kinda one of those little team you know, Ryan always talks about writing something together and I'm like, "What?"

Do you remember your first love?

I was in fifth grade and I thought I was in love with Graham Locke. He broke my heart and told everybody in fifth grade that I was flat-chested and that's why he didn't like me anymore. So I guess it wasn't really love at all!

Do you believe fate, played a big part in your career? 

Definitely, I believe in fate a lot. A certain amount of destiny brings you to the things that you're supposed to do and puts you away from the things you're not. I'd get really upset sometimes that I didn't get a role, and then I'd watch the finished film and I'd thank God I didn't do it.

Do you think destiny had something to do with Ryan being at your birthday party?

Yeah, I feel like so incredibly lucky and these days when I wake up and look at him, I think how lucky I am. I'm gonna cry. I'm making myself cry, that's so dumb! (writer's comments: At this point, Reese start crying! Real tears!!!)

That's so sweet!

We met at my 21st birthday party and he left at 6 am the next day to go on location. I didn't see him for like 3 months and we corresponded through letters and telephone conversations. It's like the best way to get to know someone on a really intellectual level. By the time we saw each other again, it was kind of love at second sight. You know, it was wonderful.

Reese is married to Ryan Phillippe and they have a little girl - Ava Elizabeth !

Reese Witherspoon
Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon

- Actress
Date of Birth
- 22 March 1976
Birth Place
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Mailing Address
Reese Witherspoon
c/o Talent Entertainment Group 
7920 Sunset Blvd. #401 
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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