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Celebrities : Yasmine Bleeth : Biography
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Voted one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful of 1995,Yasmine began her career at the early age of 6 months, when she was featured as the Johnson & Johnson Baby. At age six, she appeared in a Max Factor campaign, along with Christina Ferrare. Her work in this campaign caught the eye of fashion photographer, Francesco Scavullo, who subsequently included her in his self-entitled book Scavullo's Women. At the age of 12, Yasmine was cast opposite Buddy Hacket in the feature film Hey Babe. Bi-lingual Bleeth attended United Nations International School (UNIS) in New York City, where she continued modeling and acting. Bleeth, then 16, won the role of Ryan Fenelli and the hearts of millions on the ABC soap opera Ryan's Hope. In 1991, staying in the ABC family, she created the role as the sultry, misunderstood Lee Anne Demerest on the highly acclaimed soap opera One Life To Live. Her feature films include the upcoming sci-fi thriller, The Force, (Image Productions) directed by Pierre David, whose directorial credits include the successful Internal Affairs. The Force casts Bleeth opposite Jason Gedrick. In her next role, Bleeth appears in Ghosts May Kiss (Cafe Productions) with Flea, bassist for alternative rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This romantic fairy tale examines the tragedy of lost love. Bleeth plays Lavinia, lover of the ghost Casanova, who is stuck in a child's pop-up book from the 17th century. Ghosts May Kiss is the result of a collaboration between 1993 Venice Film Festival winner, director Mauro Borrelli and producer Jeff Kirshbaum. Yasmine recently shot the follow-up video to the The Rembrandt's number one single, I'll Be There For You, entitled This House is not a Home due out for release in September, in which she plays the part of a Playboy bunny. In November, she will begin production on The Face, a Movie of the Week for NBC. Yasmine also completed a full-motion live action entertainment CD-ROM entitled, Maximum Surge (Digital Pictures) directed by award-winning special effects wizard, William Mesa (Oscar nominated for the box office blockbuster, The Fugitive). Bleeth plays Jo, an ace computer engineer who is responsible for providing game players with guidance and technical know-how to help defeat the evil dictator, Drexel. Maximum Surge will be released this fall for PC, Mac and Sega Saturn.

Yasmine made her stage debut in the off-Broadway production of the one act plays Welcome to My Life and Looking for It. A native New Yorker, Yasmine moved to the West Coast for the first time when she joined the Baywatch cast. "It's been great," professes Yasmine. "L.A's been beautiful. I have to admit I had an East Coast snobbism about me. I thought, 'Oh L.A. is going to be so rural.' But I actually really enjoy it just as much as I enjoy New York." But how did she settle in in this new environment? "I was very lucky to have had good friends out here who had migrated from the east a few years ago, so that made the transition easier," adds Yasmine. She does, however, admit that going from a high-rise apartment building to a house takes some getting used to. "I'm so used to having a doorman and going up in an elevator. Houses scare me... I'm constantly checking the windows of the house we live in," she chuckles. The other half of that "we" is actor-producer Ricky Paull Goldin, Yasmine's fiancée. The couple met while co-starring in the play Welcome to My Life and have been together for over three years. Goldin, whose acting credits include the daytime serial Another World, recently finished a year-long stint in the Broadway musical Grease where he played Danny Zucco, the role John Travolta made famous in the movie version. Her beauty didn't always lead to popularity: "When I was little, I used to have to force the boys to kiss me. I had to get my toughest friends to hold them down." And in high school, she adds, "girls were always threatening to beat me up because they thought I flipped my hair too much." Now 26 and Baywatch's newest lifeguard, she brings a flirty vulnerability to the show. "She's no beach bunny," sums up costar Jaason Simmons. "She's exotic and classy. Her eyes are outstanding - a brilliant pale blue. They're filled with energy and mischief." In the past those eyes hypnotized boyfriends Luke Perry and Grant Show, but Bleeth finally met her match in Ricky they became engaged in January. "He says he can spend the rest of his life looking at this face," Bleeth says with a sigh. Most people wouldn't turn away from her 5'5", 117-lb. hourglass figure either, but Bleeth would rather be 5'11". "Tall, skinny women can get breast implants, and they become perfect," she says teasingly. "But women who are small and curvy can't get leg extensions. That isn't fair."

Yasmine Bleeth
Yasmine Bleeth

- Actress
Date of Birth
- 14 June 1968
Birth Place
- New York City, New York, USA

Mailing Addresses
Yasmine Bleeth
104-60 Queens Boulevard #10C
Forest Hills, NY 11375
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Yasmine Bleeth
c/o Baywatch
5433 Beethoven Street
Los Angeles, CA 90069
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